Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant | Detailed Guide + Tips

Anti-slip or slip resistance is one of the major ways to ensure footwear safety. Doc Martens boots are popular because of durability, true to size, or price worthiness.

But, what about slip-resistance, as the slippery shoes may cause a dangerous slippery fall and serious injury. So before making doc Martin boots purchasing decisions it’s better to learn are doc Martens slip resistant or not? 

Yes, doc martens 1460, 1461, and 2976 model boots are entirely slip-resistant. The company crafts all these three model boots with GripTrax soles to make them anti-slip. 

This article demonstrates a detailed discussion about what slip resistance is and what makes the doc boots slip-resistant. Let’s start

Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant

What is slip-resistant?

Simply slip resistant means the relevant force that prevents the foot from sliding with shoes when walking on the wet surface. 

That’s why slip-resistant or anti-slip is one of the essential features in safety footwear. By doing research, the footwear producing companies used the best gripping and durable sole to make their shoes slip-resistant. 

Is slip-resistant the same as non-slip?

Yes, slip-resistant is somehow the same as non-slip because both words mean that it will save you from slipping down. 

Basically, when a pair of shoes made from non slip rubber sole, specially designed to get a good grip over the oil, grease, and wet surfaces is called a non slip or slip resistant shoe. 

Most people who have to walk on those surfaces, and  tend to lose balance, love to wear these pairs of shoes.

What Makes Dr. Martens Slip resistant or Non-Slip?

After knowing the information that doc martens boots are anti-slip. First, a question strikes your brain: what makes Dr. Marten slip-resistant? 

Here, using the best quality, high gripping, and anti-slip shoe material is the myth to make footwear slip-resistant. Mr. Martens knew the myth very well and absolutely executed it when he engineered the boots.  

The patented GripTrax soles are one of the most popular gripping soles. The soles are grooves designed that help you to get better traction with the wet or muddy ground to avoid slipperiness. 

The doc martens boots are made with air-cushioned bouncy, chunky, and durable GripTrax soles. Not only that, there is a groove design in the sole that makes air bubbles. The bubbles ensure top-class grip to prevent air or watery slipping.  

So when you walk on the wet surface, the additional and genuine gripping makes the doc shoes non-slip. 

For Whom The Doc Martens anti-slip Boots Are Worthwhile?

People are involved with countless types of professions to earn their livelihood to survive in this world. Some professionals can perform their duty in a corporate office by sitting in an AC room. 

But, unfortunately, so many professionals have to do their duty by standing all the time on a damp floor or surface. So mostly the doc martens anti-slip shoes are worthy for :

  • Baristas
  • Waiters
  • Janitors
  • Industrial workers
  • Delivery workers
  • Area manager
  • Site Supervisor (Engineer)

As all mentioned professionals always have to deal with muddy, slippery, or icy weather conditions. So if you are a person who lives in an icy weather conditioning region or is involved with these professions, then undoubtedly, you can pick Dr. Martens’s unique air-cushioned sole boots. 

Do Doc Martens have good grip?

Absolutely, doc martens boots have excellent grip on wet floors because of using non-slipping GripTrax soles. 

From our above discussion, you already know that Doc Martens 1460, 1461, and 2976 model shoes use anti-slip technology for good gripping. It will not be a bad idea to look at a short overview of these boots to justify the gripping quality. 

The iconic 1460 doc martens boots are the most popular model. The 1460 model boots will be an absolute choice of work, walk, run and play. When we analyzed the DNA of the boots, we found that this pair of shoes are made with 100% leather, air-cushioned, and GripTrax™ tread. 

The synthetic soles are slip-resistant and have a good grip. The durable yellow stitch with 8 eyelets with excellent lace makes the boots outstanding.

1461 model doc boots are another legendary staff for those involved with 8-10 hours standstill work. The boots are also constructed with Dr. Martens Air Cushioned Sole, 100% leather for shiny outlook, and fabric for comfortable wear. As you know, the air cushioning soles are non-slip, so you will not face any challenges walking on any surface by wearing the shoes. 

Doc Martens, 2976 model boots, is mainly known as Chelsea boots. The shoes are lace-free and designed for unisex wearing. The synthetic signature bouncing sole makes the shoes entire slip resistant. The boots have woven stretch goring inserts on their man-made fabric. And the 6 inches shaft height ensures your ankle safety and prevents foot pain. 

non slip

Are All Doc Martens Slip Resistant?

Before 2001, the regular doc martens boots were not slip-resistant and couldn’t prevent slide slip. But, now doc martens redesigned the boots under anti-slip technology to make their all boots slip-resistant to ensure modern workers’ top safety. 

After 2001, doc martens realized that the users get most benefits from the anti-slip sole when spending their long working hours on their feet. So they incorporated their boots with better traction and grip soles to make them slip-resistant.  

How Do I Know If My Shoes Are Slip-Resistant?

The outsole made with rubber, or patented GripTrax, or having grooves are the simplest way to tell if the shoes are slip-resistant or not. You can make a thread check to identify all those features on your boots for online purchasing.

You can consider the below factors to ensure slip-resistant shoes and avoid the hassle. 

  • Outsole design

You know the outsoles of your shoes are the part that directly gets attached to the ground. So if your boots’ outsole grooves are stable, ensure better traction, then you can consider the shoes as anti-slip shoes. Mainly oil, water, and any other liquid is the main reason for slipping. And the grooves help to pass them quickly without making the shoes slip. 

  • Shoe materials

If your shoes are entirely made with high-quality materials to make them flexible, comfortable, breathable, and have the best grip. Or if you feel that your shoes will provide all those benefits, then the shoes  are slip-resistant. 

  • Tread pattern

The smooth pattern shoes are not an ideal choice as slip-resistant shoes. If the outsole of your shoes have different sizes of jig-jag thread patterns to prevent slipping, then the boots are slip-resistant. 

How Do You Keep Doc Martens From Slipping?

The more traction your boots’ sole provides you, the more the boots will be slip-resistant. Because smooth sole boots can not be the best match to walk on any slip tend surface. 

Though doc boots already have the best sole to prevent slippery falling. But, here, we will like to share some more life-saving hacks to keep your shoes away from slipping. 

  • Scuff your doc boots outsoles

Scuffing the outsole is the most permanent way to make your boots less slippery. For this, you just need to collect some sandpaper from your nearest hardware store. Then scuff the boots’ outsole with the sandpaper to make them more slip resistant. The rough sole provides excellent traction to work against siding slipping. 

  • Using hairspray

Do you wonder by reading this? Don’t be surprised.  Yes, if you have to go out instantly and want to make the boots less slippery, then hairspray works like magic. On top of that, it takes only 10-15 seconds. 

The hairspray has one kind of stickiness, and you will be benefited from this stickiness. Just spray a few drops of hairspray on the outsole and wait to dry. The hairspray stickiness will help the boots’ sole to stick with the ground by preventing slipping. 

But, it is a temporary solution. You have to reapply the hairspray every time you wear the boots. 

  • Using shoe traction spray 

Shoe traction spray can be one of the best solutions to your problem. The spray works like hairspray, but it is a permanent solution. The Bare Ground shoe adhesive spray works excellent to anti slip. The spray works best on icy weather or wet floors. So you can choose them for your winter anti-slipping partner. 

  • Using Ice Grips

Using ice grips can be another best way to walk with your doc boots without slipping. To ensure more traction on the icy ground, you can attach the grips to the doc boots’ bottom to make them as winter boots. 

  • Sand/ salt and glue mixture

It is another easiest and permanent way to have a good grip with the doc martens boots. You have to make an adhesive mixture with some sand and glue. You can use salt as the alternative option to sand. 

Then apply a thin layer of the mixture on the sole to create traction. Rest the boots for some time to dry the layer. Now, the shoes are ready to wear and walk on any surface. 

Hopefully, all of these 5 hacks will help you enjoy anti-slip walking. 

Are Doc Martens Non-Slip For restaurants?

Yes, Doc Martens are non-slip for restaurants. Because marten’s shoes used non-slip patented GripTrax soles to make them suitable for restaurants, keg-lifters, and all wet stands professionals. 

The doc martens non-slip shoe models save a lot of time and money for the restaurant owners and workers. So investing in doc martens boots is a far better idea than causing slip accidents and getting injured in your workstation.  

Are Zavala Doc Martens Slip resistant?

The Zavala women doc martens boots are  slip-resistant because the company used the AirWair™ outsole to make the boots abrasion, oil, and slip-resistant. 

90% of users are satisfied with the boots as they support any wet, icy, and damp floor to walk smoothly and comfortably without slippery falling. 

Last words!

We hope you get your answer from the discussion: Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant or not. 

So why are you waiting? Now it’s time to choose your next non-slip footwear from the most popular doc Martens brand.

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