Can Dr. Martens Be Resoled? [Everything You Need To Know]

It’s not surprising that the Doc Martens users often ask, If Dr. Martens be resoled.  Though Dr. Martens soles are designed to serve a lifelong service, in some cases, there can be an emergency to resole them. 

Dr. Martens boots come with a one-piece molded sole. So if you need to resole it, the boots should be brought to Martens factory for entirely stitching a new sole.

That’s not the only way. If you want to figure out whether you can resole Dr. Martens or not, here’s all the information you need to know.

Can Dr. Martens Be Resoled

Can Dr Martens Be Resoled?

Yes, you can resole Dr. Martens in the company if the boots are in their original state, or you have to take refuge in the specialist cobbler.

If you face some unexpected damage to your favorite boots, contact the company. Visit and claim for a free repair or replacement of your Docs sole. The company can assist you with free repairs when the claim is reasonable.  

Can You Replace The Soles On Dr. Martens?

Over time you might need to consider the replacement of your Doc Martens soles. But these classic AirWair soles are more challenging to replace than the Goodyear welted shoes as they are essentially fused with adhesive. 

But yes, you can replace the soles with cobblers. Search on the internet and contact the cobbler you consider more reliable. After that, discuss their processing and other questions if you want to know.

Doc Martens sole restored
Doc Martens sole restored

How Many Times Can Dr. Martens Shoes Be Resoled?

You can resole your Doc Martens usually 2-3 times from the company as they give a one-year warranty period. Afterward, if your docs are still in good condition and you need to resole the shoe, you can try it at a professional cobbler. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get Dr. Martens Resoled?

How much the shoes need to be resole depends on whether you need to add half or full new soles. Otherwise, the cost also varies from rubber, leather, or foam soles. Leather soles, as usual, cost more than other types. In New York, cobblers cost $30 to $55 for half-soles. Plus, the full soles will cost $40 to $75. 

How Long Do Dr. Marten Soles Last?

Doc Martens boots are reliable for their high quality and unique sole. Its sole is genuinely designed to last long.

If you’re wearing your Doc Martens regularly in a rough and tough condition, they can still be worn without any problem for 5-7 years. Otherwise, when you don’t use them more often, the sole can last over even 15 years. Check this article to know the methods in detail.

Is It Worth Resole Dr. Martens?

Whether the shoes are worth resoling or not depends on the overall condition of the shoes. If your Doc’s upper part dries out and seems to be cracking, it won’t be worth to resole. Therefore, you can’t find anything like the original materials. Though the “uppers” can also be repaired, it will cost a lot of bucks and hassle. So we will recommend buying a new pair if your shoes are hard to repair. 

Can You Repair Doc Martens Soles?

Doc Martens soles can be repaired. If you have good knowledge of repairing boots, you can try it at home. Otherwise, take them to a cobbler for professional help.

As Doc Martens are durable and have rigid construction so it’s hard to repair the soles yourself. At that point, we recommend searching for the best cobbler who can proficiently repair the sole.

Repair Doc Martens

How To Repair Doc Martens?

Doc Martens boots are designed to be durable and long-lasting. The company’s reputation is built with quality which means they don’t sacrifice their products’ quality with cheap materials. As this brand uses high-end material so naturally, they are pretty expensive. And you can’t find the original materials like theirs when you’re going for a shoe repair. But if it’s slight wear or tears, here are two ways to repair your Docs.

Method 1

Doc martens soles are constructed thick with extra plastic, which can be spare. Using lighter melts the minor holes of the soles and makes them smooth over.

Method 2

Put some adhesive in the crack with the lining between leather and sole. If there is any damage or crack between the rand and sole, apply adhesive inside them with the help of a toothpick.

Where Do I Find A Good Shoe Repair Shop To Repair My Docs?

If you have worn out your Docs, don’t be afraid. There are so many professional cobblers available near you to resole your boots. If you look for local cobblers, you can find them in every state near you including California, New York and so on. 

Otherwise, if you keep your eyes on the internet, you can see curated lists of cobblers there. Even some of the shoe repairs shops especially work for Dr. Martens repairing. They offer pretty impressive offers and options for repairing the Docs so that your boots get their original look again or are nearly close to it.

There is an organization named American’s professional cobbler organization. This shoe service Institute has a nationwide member list that can significantly help you repair your Doc Martens and resole the pair.

However, you might be confused about whether the cobblers are reliable. In that case, call a friend who has used Doc Martens and ask him if he knows any trustworthy cobbler for repairing or resole the Docs.

Which Soles Are Most Reliable To Resole Dr. Martens?

Cobblers who work on repairing and refurbishing Dr. Martens mostly used Vibram soles for repairing. That’s because the Vibram soles have maximum similarities with the original soles of Docs in weight and density. 


If you’re wondering, Can Dr. Martens be resoled? The answer is “yes” if you’re lucky. However, if your boots are not that state to resole or you can’t find experts to resole, buying a new pair of boots will be your wise decision. 

Did you find this article helpful? If so, let us know in the comment section. Also, feel free to share this information with your friends and family if they’re the Docs Martens users too.

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