Are Converse Good For Walking?

We can hardly find someone who has not heard about converse shoes. This type of shoe has been popular for the longest time, and its popularity is yet to be dimmed. Mostly known as casual shoes, many wonders are converse good for walking? And what are the reasons behind this huge popularity of converses?

In this article, we will answer everything about converses that you need to know about. Then you can decide for yourself whether you should walk in converses or not.

Are Converse Good For Walking

What Type of Shoe is a Converse?

Initially, converses were designed to be basketball shoes back in 1917. Afterward, they changed the design in 1922 and kept that design to date. However, in the 1970s, the demand for converses as basketball shoes decreased. It again raised in popularity in the 1980s as retro-style casual shoes.

What Do Converse Shoes Stand for?

In the present time, converses are known for being comfortable casual shoes. What we know as converse shoes are designed by Chuck Taylor, and they are originally called Chuck Taylor All-stars or Converse All-Stars. With not much change in design, they are commonly known as converses.

What is Special about Converse Shoes?

The specialty of converse shoes is its design. The design has remained unchanged since the 1920s. The design of the shoe is that rubber-made toe cap with a stitched upper portion. Generally, the shoes are made of cotton canvas which is very comfortable to wear. In 2015, the original sole was updated to a more sustainable and comfortable insole. Although, the outer design remains the same.

What is the Purpose of Converse?

Originated as basketball shoes, converses have now become widely popular as casual retro-style shoes. They are being worn for day-to-day tasks, parties, and sports too. They are so much appreciated for their comfort, flexibility, and breathability. Moreover, these shoes were created to prevent blisters, making them wearable for an extended period of time.

How Long Do Converse Shoes Last?

There is no exact answer to how long a shoe can last. It mainly depends on how often you wear them and how you take care of them. For converses, they typically last for 18 months if you wear them regularly. The wearability can be extended by not wearing them on a regular basis and cleaning them every now and then. Moreover, how you store them can also affect the condition and lifespan of your shoes.

Are Converse Good for Walking?

Converses are very basic shoes with basic soles and almost no arch support. The original design is not very comfortable for walking long distances. On the other hand, quite recently, newer technology sports insoles are being used in converses. These new converses are great for walking for a long-distance or standing up for a while.

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Are Converses Good for Walking Long Distances?

As we have mentioned earlier, the original converse is not suitable for walking long distances. They are initially made for basketball players, and the game does not last too long. So, comfort for a long time was not the objective. Hence, the original converse is not the ideal type of shoes for long walks.

Converse has its originality until 2003. In 2003, Nike owned Converse, and they implemented some of their latest technology. Afterward, with the incorporated technology of Nike, many converse designs started having comfortable insoles and arch support. These newer versions of the converses are suitable for walking long distances.

Are High-Top Converses Comfortable?

Hip-top converses and low-top converses are pretty similar—both in style and comfort. However, the high-top can provide a little bit of ankle support. You need to lace up all the way to get that little advantage. Otherwise, arch support is the same. 

How Can I Make My Converse More Comfortable for Walking?

Although converses are not the most comfortable shoes to wear, you can make them a tad more comfortable in several ways. Firstly, wear socks with your converses. Wearing socks can prevent blisters and discomfort while walking on converses.

If your converse are new, you can wash them. Initially, the fabric is stiff and can be uncomfortable. Once you wash them, the fabric softens a little and makes them more comfortable to wear. Another way to make them comfortable is to wear them in, and they will gradually soften. 

For the sole, you can use an additional cushioned insole. You can use arch support inserts as well. 

Frequently asked questions about walking converse

Do Converse Shoes Have Good Arch Support?

No, the original converse shoes do not have good arch support. The sole of converse shoes is a flat rubber sole with a little insole. However, some of the newer models have better insole with cushioning and arch support.

Why are Converses Bad for Your Feet?

Despite the huge popularity, converses are not great for your feet, especially if you are wearing them for an extended period of time. Having a flat surface to rest your feet they do not provide any arch support. As a result, it can cause arch pain, heel pain, or even tendinitis, according to many podiatrists. 

Wearing converses for a long time can lead to tight calf muscles and stretching ligaments. It can also affect the soft tissues of the leg. In the long run, these issues can pile up to become knee pain, spine pain, back, and hip pain.

Are Converses Good for Running?

Converses are good as casual shoes to roam around for a while but not great as running shoes. Running shoes are built to provide comfort while running or exercising. They have heavy cushioning inside or have better and more comfortable soles. Converses do not provide any of these, which makes them a not-so-great option for running.

Why are Converses Not Comfortable?

Converses are generally uncomfortable for not having any arch support. The insole has no cushioning or arch support to offer and becomes uncomfortable after walking for a while. Above that, if you lace up tightly, that can cause some discomfort as well.

Are Converses Good for Walking Babies?

If you are thinking about purchasing converses for your children, then you surely choose them without any hesitation. Converses are a good option for young children or walking babies as they have rubber soles. These rubber soles are good for walking on mud, pebbles, or other uneven surfaces. With a flat and solid sole, they can balance better.

On the other hand, you are considering whether you can walk on wearing converses while carrying your baby; you can do that too. However, doing so for a long time might not be very pleasant. Being a flat, solid sole with comfort, converses can help you have better balance while going around with your baby.

To Conclude

Hopefully, we have answered all the possible questions you have ever had regarding converse shoes. Among everything that we have discussed so far, I think the answer for “are converse good for walking” is also answered along with all the other queries.

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