How Much Height Do Shoes Add?

“A good shoe takes you good places.” It is always important to put on the right shoe for the right occasion if you want to stand out. In order to create a lasting impression, you must have proper attire and uphold yourself with confidence. Good shoes come into play to ensure a complete look. Now, a shoe not only aesthetically improves your outlook but can also add some height to boost your confidence.

Adding height to shoes is quite a norm for women but not always for men. Hence, they hesitate and often question themselves how much height do shoes add? Will adding height be too noticeable? What type of shoes to go for to add height? And so on. So, let’s find out the answers.

Benefits of Height-Adding Shoes

First of all, if you are asking yourself why bother adding height to your shoes. Well, there are quite some benefits to that. 

  • Most importantly, high shoes can boost your confidence. This is quite obvious for women as we see everywhere that when women need to feel confident and beautiful, they put on their best pair of heels. However, men are not that different in this case. I am not saying that men need to put on 5 inches of heel, but a couple of inches can make them stand out more and make them much more confident.
  • If you are short and feel comfortable adding a few inches to your shoes, that’s great. But it can also improve your posture as well. With only an inch or two added, you can look a lot taller and poised.
  • High shoes can make you appear slimmer as well. Not only that, wearing high shoes can make your leg muscles work. It is like you are working out without even working out. 
  • High shoes can provide comfort too. Additional soles to ensure comfort can increase the sole thickness or the overall height of the shoes. So, good sole-shoes increase your height by a few inches while giving the highest comfort.

Contributing Factors of Adding Height with Shoes

Now, it’s not like you can put on any shoes and get the desired height that you want. Before you begin, you need to know the different types of shoes and how they can add a few inches to your height differently.

Type of Shoes

It is a sure thing that not all shoes are the same. Different types of shoes are for different occasions and purposes. Depending on the purpose of the shoe, the style or type may vary. The height of an oxford shoe will certainly not be the same as an industrial use boot. 

Then again, women’s shoes tend to be more high compared to men’s shoes. Ideally, what you will get in a women’s shoe is not what you may find in men’s shoes. Men’s shoes’ highest altitude could be 3 inches, whereas, for women’s high heels, the altitude might start from 3 inches.

Therefore, if you want to increase height with the help of shoes, you will have to find the right style of shoes. Wearing shoes that usually come with short heels cannot help you in adding altitude. 

Heel Size

Choosing the right type of shoes and choosing the right heel height may seem somewhat similar. There is a slight difference. No matter what type of shoe you are looking for, you could get the option for a few different sizes of heels. If you are looking for men’s dress shoes, there is no exact heel size. You will get a few varieties to choose between. For women’s shoes, the heel size range is comparatively wide. The sizes can start from an inch to six/seven inches. So, you will definitely find your preferred heel size in your preferred shoe style. 

Sole Height

As we mentioned earlier, the sole of an industrial boot and the sole of an oxford shoe is not the same. Some soles need more thickness in order to provide functionality. Dressy Shoes for men tend to have less thickness to the sole. On the other hand, boots or sports shoes have a thicker sole that contains different designs and textures to provide grip or traction.


Additional cushioning in the insole can increase the height of shoes. In order to increase comfort, several types of insoles are included in shoes these days. Some have lighter cushions, whereas some have thicker cushions. Gel-infused cushions are also very popular nowadays. Modified insoles can have quite some altitude. 

This increased height due to cushioning is more prominent in sport’s shoes. Thicker cushions are used to provide comfort while running or exercising. Therefore, sports shoes can increase the overall height. 

How Much Height Do Shoes Add?

We have already discussed the contributing factors that make shoes height different. However, we would like to give you an idea of what type of shoes can add altitude to what extent.

Flat Shoes

Ballet shoes for women are probably the only shoes that you can find with the lowest heel. Most of these shoes have a minimal sole that does not add much height. The sole can be less than half an inch. Conversely, it is hard to find such low shoes for men. 


The next category of shoes is flip slops. These shoes can be available for both men and women. These shoes do not add much height for both of them. However, they are higher than ballet shoes. Flip-flops usually add half an inch to an inch, depending on the style of the sandal. Most of these shoes do not have a midsole or insole, hence less height. These sandals usually have a basic sole with not much traction. They can sometimes be uncomfortable too.

Men’s Formal Shoes

Men’s formal shoes can have 1 to 2 inches of heel. Based on the style, the heel size varies. Also, some shoes can have thick soles throughout the shoe, whereas some soles are elevated only on the heel region. 

Women’s High Heels

Women’s shoes come in various different styles and heel sizes. The heel can start from 1 inch up to 5 inches in general. Based on the style, the heel size varies. When it comes to which style makes you appear taller, the are some options. Shoes with high platform heels increase the overall height more compared to stilettos. Platform heels lift up your entire body, whereas high-heel shoes only lift up the heel area.


There is no competition with converse shoes when it comes to comfortable everyday shoes. These shoes are widely popular throughout the world among all ages of people. These unisex shoes might be one of the most comfortable shoes, but they are not ideal for adding height. The rubber sole of these shoes is on the thinner side of the spectrum. They are usually ½ inches to 1 inch thick. However, with the rising popularity, there have been various styles, some of which have higher soles or heels, especially those designed for women. Most Skate shoes are similar to converse and do not provide much height.

Sports Shoes

Based on style and brand, there is a variety of heights available in sport’s shoes. In general, sports shoes can have soles starting from 1 inch to 2 inches. These shoes are made for running, exercising or playing some sports. Usually, sports shoes have thicker cushioning or insole for better support and comfort. This added cushioning results in some additional height to the shoes. 


Boots tend to have thicker and heavier soles for both men and women. the height can differ based on style and brand. There are many styles available in the boots spectrum. Usually, boots will have thick soles that it is suitable for greater traction. Usually, boots will have 1 to 2 inches of heels or soles. In the case of women’s boots, some come with high heels too.

Do Shoes Make You Taller?

Everything we have discussed so far is a temporary solution to add height by shoes. Yes, the right shoe can make you appear taller temporarily. However, if you are concerned about permanently becoming taller using shoes, then that’s a whole different conversation. Shoes cannot particularly increase height, but some insoles are known for increasing height. They are presumably will lead to growth hormone, and as a result, people can get a few inches taller. We are yet to find more about this. Therefore, temporary height increment with shoes is the way to go.

To Conclude

There is a variety of choices for shoes. Even if your only concern is adding height with the help of shoes, the number of choices can be overwhelming. You can get the same type of height addition from several styles of shoes. Unless you go for flat shoes or sandals, you can surely find a shoe with high soles for every occasion. Once you have the answer for how much height do shoes add, the next task is to choose which style is best suited for you.

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