How to Prevent Farting Noise in Shoes? Stop Squeaking Easily.

There are few things more embarrassing than having farting noise coming from your direction. And a farting shoe makes it more unbearable since it doesn’t stop making this horrible sound while you’re on the move. This can be the cause of your bad reputation as well.

So, what’s the solution? How to prevent farting noise in the shoes?

Preventing this embarrassing situation from happening is easier than you think. You could start by dehumidifying your shoes or wearing socks. If that doesn’t work, fixing the sole unit, insole or the shoe tongue might be the solution.

In this article we’ll explain everything in detail. So, read along and you’ll know all the ways of preventing your shoes from making embarrassing noise.

How to Prevent Farting Noise in Shoes

Why Do Shoes Make Farting Noises?

The embarrassing noise that a shoe makes can depend on factors like the material of the sole unit, how it fits into your feet, how old the shoe is, or any damages incurred. To figure out which one it is, you need to take a slow walk in the shoes and determine where exactly the noise is coming from.

Now, the squeaking noise from the shoe may come out from different parts of your shoes. You might not be able to pinpoint the exact location, but with the following points, you can narrow it down a lot.

  1. Sole Unit

One major source of noise from shoes is the sole unit. This noise depends on the sole material and the surface it is in contact with. For example, pump shoes often click on hard floors since their soles are made of hard plastic. Besides, shoes with wooden soles can amplify sounds since they are often laminated or hollow.

On the other hand, shoes with rubber soles like Converse or Vans tend to make squeaky sounds on wooden floors. This is normal as they’re doing what they’re supposed to do, sticking with the floor.

But irritating sounds sometimes come from major shoe brands like Nike, Jordan, or Air Max as well. They are often made with trapped air in the midsole for better cushioning and making the shoe bouncy. So, when you walk on a surface with these shoes, they make the farting sounds.

  1. Insole

If everything is okay with the sole unit or the outsole, there might be the possibility of a problem in the insole. There can be multiple reasons for such farting sounds from it. One of the reasons is, that whenever you step down, the insole rubs against the shoe bed which creates a rubbing sound like ‘poof’.

  1. Trapped Moisture

Some people have the problem of sweaty feet and this is annoying for them. When the feet become too much sweaty, all the moisture gets trapped inside the shoe. if you don’t dry it out, later on, the moisture starts to build as the feet sweat.

You might also step accidentally in a shallow puddle when water gets inside the shoe. In this situation, when you walk this trapped moisture will create an annoying squeaky sound in the shoes.

  1. Shoe Tongue

When you wear leather shoes, dress shoes, and sneakers like Adidas Sambas, you might hear the squeaking sound coming from the shoe tongue. It happens when the tongue rubs the inside of the shoe after trying them.

Shoe Squeaking

Why shoes making noise when you walk?

So, what are the reasons for shoes to make squeaking and farting noises? Let’s check the major ones.

New Shoes

New shoes tend to be stiff in the beginning. Especially leather shoes require some time to conform to the new feet. Besides, when leather dries and scuffs appear they might make the sound as well. Smooth rubber soles can cause noise as can stiff leather.

Old Shoes

Every shoe takes a lot of damage during its lifetime. Depending on the usage, shoes can last for years on end. The more you wear them, the more damage they incur, resulting in squeaking.

When shoes get damaged, some parts start to loosen. They might create a squeaking sound. Heel damage can cause farting noise as well since the air inside is pushed around due to movement.

Improper Size

One of the major sources of noise is the poor fitting of shoes. Whether it is the slipping of your heel that makes the clapping noise or the scrapping sound while lifting your foot, unfit shoes are a mess to deal with!

Big or small doesn’t matter, both have their unique noises. If the shoe is oversized, the solution is easier. However, it would be better to buy a new one of course.

Getting a well-fitted shoe isn’t only necessary for prolonging the shoe’s life but for your good health as well.

How to prevent farting noise or squeaking in shoes?

We’ve already discussed the reasons for shoes making squeaking and farting noises and now we’ll talk about the solutions to them.

  1. Fixing the Outsole

New shoes or some of the old ones are sometimes too smooth. Old shoes go through a lot of wear and tear and with constant friction, the outsole smoothen. This makes it too slippery due to and exposes you to danger.

Besides that, the smooth outsole also makes squeaky noises while walking or running. Especially if the floor is also smooth and wet. A farting sound is produced when the outsole rubs against the concrete.

In order to get rid of the sound, you could use fine-grained sandpaper. Take the sandpaper and rub it against the outsole to roughen the smoothness a bit. This will make a shoeless noise.

  1. Fixing Squeaky Insole

If you feel the insole is squeaking while you’re wearing the shoe without socks, try the socks on and walk in the show. Observe if there are any noise or farting sounds. If the sounds haven’t diminished yet, then there are multiple solutions.

There are many interesting methods of fixing the insole noise. You don’t need extra tools to fix them, just some household stuff will do just fine.

  • Use Baby Powder

If the insole moves around a lot inside the shoe, it might cause sound. When you walk around with the shoe, the insole has too much space around it and starts to move around. It rubs against the shoe bottom and makes a squeaking noise.

To solve this problem, take some baby powder or talcum powder and sprinkle some of it under the insole. Put back the insole so that it streamlines perfectly with the shoe bed. This powder will help reduce the friction as well as the sound.

On the other hand, if your feet sweat too much, it might create small bubbles of air underneath your feet and make fart noises when you walk. You can use talcum powder on the insole so that it soaks the sweat and reduces the sound.

  • Apply Petroleum Jelly

Interestingly, the farting sound doesn’t only come due to trapped air inside. Sometimes, when the friction buildup is too much, your feet might produce a suction-type noise rubbing into the insole.

In this scenario, using lubricant may be the way to go. Just apply a tiny amount of petroleum jelly on the insole to create a thin layer of lubricant. Don’t overapply or else it might become too sticky or slippery inside the shoe.

  • Drying the Trapped Moisture

Fixing water damage is another effective way to reduce farting noise from the shoe. You don’t need to visit the cobbler, just do something to dry the shoe up. One of the ways to do it is to lean the shoes up against the bathtub and run the heater facing the opening of the shoe. The hot air will evaporate the moisture within an hour.

You can also put the shoes in the dryer to remove any moisture. Besides, if it is summer, you could just leave it outside under the sun to dry. Hopefully, they’ll come out squeaky-free.

  • Fixing the Shoe Tongue

If you think the shoe tongue is rubbing against the inside of the shoe and making noise, you could use saddle soap to reduce it. Saddle soap is basically and conditioning cream that is used to lubricate shoes.

Just apply or rub the saddle soap on the front side of the tongue. This will make the squeakiness stop.

If you don’t have saddle soap, apply petroleum jelly, Vaseline, Chapstick, or lotion instead. These are temporary methods.

  • Fixing Farting Noise from New Shoes

You can soften your new pair of shoes by applying leather oil or wax-based conditioners. Besides, you could use a shoe stretcher to soften the leather as well.

  • Fix Old and Damaged Shoes

This will require you to visit the cobbler. When damage in the sole or inside the heel area causes farting noises, you should visit the cobbler to fix it up.

FAQs in shoes squeak & farting noise

How can I reduce the noise from metal shanks in shoes?

Many boots or shoes use metal shanks between the insole and outsole to provide a structure to the shoe. But after some time of usage when it starts to loosen its strength, it causes noise while walking. You cannot fix this issue other than taking it to the manufacturer or the cobbler.

Can I take waterproofing solutions to prevent farting noises in shoes?

Yes, it does help a lot to prevent noises in shoes. Waterproofing doesn’t let your shoes getting trapped with moisture.

Does farting sound occur due to loose or tight fit shoes?

One of the main reasons for farting sounds from shoes or sandals is that it is not well fitted. That’s why it is incumbent that you buy your footwear with a perfect fit.


The best thing you can do to save your face is to walk around a little bit with your shoes on before leaving the house. This way you’ll know if the shoes are planning to embarrass you.

We’ve discussed the major reasons for shoes making noises as well as ways to prevent them. So, why do shoes make farting noises, and how to prevent them?

Now you know the answer.

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