Can Women Wear Mens Shoes? What are the differences

Shoes are not only a necessity these days; it has become a fashion statement. To express yourself through your style and fashion, putting on the right shoes is very important. Though generic gender-based shoes are available in the market, many prefer to look beyond the gender-specified design. There are no longer any restrictions in fashion or style, so none should be questioned if a female wears men’s shoes.

Despite fashion, if we think about practicality, many women struggle to find their preferred style of shoes in the women’s section. This problem is more acute for those with bigger feet. In that case, they often find their size of shoes in the men’s section and wonder can women wear men’s shoes? Well, it depends on several things. So, let’s dive in to find the answer.

Can Women Wear Mens Shoes
Can Women Wear Mens Shoes

Difference Between Mens Shoes and Womens Shoes

A variety of different shoes are available both for men and women. Surely there are some concerns involved while designing shoes for a specific gender. However, that does not mean one gender cannot wear shoes of the other one.

Style of Shoes

Style of shoes is what makes the separation between shoes between men and women. High heel shoes are considered women’s shoes, whereas oxford shoes are considered men’s shoes. Although, in this modern era, there are no boundaries in fashion. Men are also wearing high heels, whether of their fondness or their profession, and women are also wearing shoes with a design similar to men’s. Women who like to dress up in a masculine way often get attracted to men’s shoes.

The challenge still remains; it is hard to find masculine-designed shoes in the women section. Therefore, women need to search in the men’s collection in order to find their preferred style.

men shoes vs women shoes
men’s vs women’s shoes

Structure and Size

If we think about male and female anatomy, then it is evident that men have wider feet than women. But surely there are exceptions. There are men who have narrow feet like women, and there are women who have wide feet. These women can take the chance of getting a well-fitted shoe in the men’s section.

Then again, women’s shoes tend to be smaller. Many companies or brand does not have large shoes available for women, but they do for men. For instance, usually, where women’s shoe size end from where men’s size starts. So, women who are at the end of the spectrum find it hard to get a suitable size for them in the women’s collection. Therefore, it is easier for them to get a men’s shoe. Similarly, women who have tiny feet can find their shoes in the children’s collection as children’s size ends from where women’s sizing starts.

Can Women Wear Mens Shoes?

Simply put, yes, women can wear men’s shoes. However, as we mentioned earlier, when choosing shoes in the opposite gender’s collection, you need to consider two things, the style, and the size. If the style is what you are looking for and the size fits your feet perfectly then, there is no binding in wearing the other gender’s shoes.

Women can wear men’s shoes such as Converse, sandals, loafers sneakers, dr martens boots, combat boots, etc. They are very comfortable to wear for both men and women.

Check out one of our guides on the difference between 2e and 4e and learn how to measure show width for both men and women.

Alternative of Men’s Shoes: Unisex Shoes

If you are a woman and find it difficult to get the right size and fit shoes for yourself, then the best option for you could be unisex shoes. Unisex shoes are designed in such a way that both men and women can wear them. Therefore, women get more feet space compared to generic women’s shoes. They are comfortable as well. 

However, there is one drawback. Unisex shoes are mostly sports shoes or sneakers. You cannot get other styles in unisex shoes that often. Therefore, if you are looking for activewear, you can choose from the range of unisex shoes. Otherwise, there are not many options to choose from. 

Conversion of Shoes

In case you really want to get shoes from the men’s collection as a woman, you need to understand the conversion of sizing. Men’s shoe sizing and women’s shoe sizing are not the same. Usually, the sizing difference is about 1.5. here are some examples,

  • Men’s size 6 is approximately size 7.5 in women’s shoes. 
  • Men’s size 8 is approximately size 9.5 in women’s shoes.
  • Men’s size 9.5 is approximately size 11 in women’s shoes.

So, if you are a size 11 in women’s shoes and find it hard to get your size, you can try for men’s shoes in size 9.5.

Keep in mind that the best way to find the right size is by trying out the shoes yourself. For online purchases, finding the right shoe size can be difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert your women’s shoe size to a men’s shoe size?

Usually, the size difference between men’s shoes and women’s shoes is about 1.5. So, in men’s shoes, 8.5 is equivalent to 10 in women’s size. However, you will get plenty of size conversion charts on the internet.

What are the differences between men’s and women’s running shoes?

Women’s feet tend to be narrower in the forefoot area. Hence, this reflects on the running shoes. Men’s shoes are wider compared to women’s shoes.

Can a man wear a women’s running shoes?

Yes, men can wear women’s running shoes. However, they might need to size up in women’s collections. Women’s shoes tend to run smaller compared to men’s shoes.

Can women wear men’s rock climbing shoes?

Yes, they can if they fit properly. Many rock climbing shoes are unisex and fit both men and women. Rock climbing shoes where gender is specified are similar to any other shoes; the men’s shoes are wider than the women’s.

Is a man’s shoe wider than a women’s?

Yes, naturally, men have wider feet than women. Therefore, men’s shoes are wider compared to women’s shoes, especially in the forefoot area.

Can a woman wear men’s Nike shoes?

Yes, women can wear men’s Nike shoes if they fit and do not cause discomfort.

Can Women Wear Mens Shoes Conclusoin

Finding the right-sized and comfortable shoes is a blessing. A new shoe can either make or break your entire day. Either you will feel comfortable, or you are going to end up cursing yourself why you wore that shoe. So, choosing the right shoe is very important unless you want to be in discomfort all day and waste money. In the journey to find the most suitable shoes for yourself, you might have to try on shoes from the opposite gender as well, and there is no harm in that. At the end of the day, you do you. You can wear whatever you like as long as it serves you the way you want. If you were wondering can women wear men’s shoes, whether for comfortable fit or style, the answer is definitely affirmative.

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