How to Stop Doc Martens From Squeaking? Why it happens

Picture the scene, you’re in the office, or a formal environment and your Docs are making an awful sound with every step. Doesn’t it feel awkward? In such a situation, you might wonder why your boots are squeaking and how you can stop this to save yourself from embarrassment and annoyance.

So if you’re up to solving this issue, first you should find out the reasons for squeaking. Carefully observe your boots and determine why it’s making the awful sound. Afterward, try the appropriate method to fix the problem.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the reasons your doc Martens squeaking and how to stop squeaking. We’ll also investigate the possible tricks to prevent squeaking earlier. So let’s get started! 

How to Stop Doc Martens From Squeaking

Why Are My Doc Martens So Squeaky?

Mostly Dr. Martens squeaked because of the friction between the two parts of your boots. Otherwise, it can happen due to wet shoes, moisture, sweat, or excessive adhesive. However,  to get rid of the problem, you need to find out the real cause of squeaking. 

Causes Of The Squeaky Sounds In Doc Martens?

Several causes can be responsible for noisy shoes, such as loose heels, trapped water, extra adhesive, and so on. When you know the exact reason for the sound,  you can treat the area better. So let’s check out the possible causes of the squeaky sounds.

  1. Perspiration: Your Doc Martens might have stored vast amounts of perspiration due to sweat and that may make them squeak. 
  1. Wet Shoes: If you leave your Doc martens soaked in the water for a longer time, the trapped water will lead to annoying squeaking. 
  1. Moisture: If you’re frequently exposed to rain, your boots are primarily squeaking due to excessive moisture. The moisture causes odd sounds, especially when your shoes are leaked. 
  1. Excessive Adhesive On the Shoe: Some boots have too much adhesive due to an unmanaged manufacturing process, which also brings squeaking in your boots.
  1. Abrasion: Another reason behind your boots squeaking is the shoe abrasion between the soles and a surface.
  1. Loosen Heels: If your boots and heels are loosened, you might also face the awful sound.
  1. New Boots: The new pair of Docs, which are not yet broken in properly, can be responsible for being squeaky.

How to Stop Doc Martens From Squeaking?

So once you know the causes behind squeaking your Doc Martens, you can easily apply the proper method to stop this problem. But for this, you have to learn the methods to stop squeaking. Here we’ll describe some effective methods that don’t cost you anything or don’t require too much effort and time. Let’s learn the methods

How to stop doc martens soles from squeaking?

First, we’ll talk about how you can fix your Squeaky Dr. Martens sole. Because soles are the main culprit most of the time behind squeaking.

  1. Applying Baby Powder

When water gets trapped in the insole and rubs against each other, it creates squeaking. Applying some powder on the insole will help you to produce less friction and stop the awful squeaky. 

If you don’t have baby powder at home, you can also use talcum powder or cornstarch, or bicarbonate soda because they can effectively serve the same work. Otherwise, using bicarbonate soda will help you fight against Docs’ smell.

Here are the simple steps of applying powder to your boots.

  • Pull out the insole and apply some powder inside the Doc Martens 
  • Put back the insole in the boots
  • If your boots don’t have a removable sole, only sprinkle the powder around the interior of the boots and on the seams.
  1. Coconut Oil or Petroleum Jelly

While you walk, the insole of your boots rubs with the outsole, and as a result, the outsole causes sound. Another excellent way to put an end to the disturbing squeaky Doc Marten is using some lubricant such as coconut oil or petroleum jelly. 

Using Coconut Oil

  • Dip a cotton ball with coconut oil
  • Apply a thin layer of the oil below the insole
  • Test your shoe. If it’s not working, consider reapplying the oil.
  • Take some paper towels and fold two sheets.
  • Pull out the insole and place the paper beneath the insole to prevent the squeaking sound.

Using Petroleum Jelly

Like coconut oil, you can also use petroleum jelly as a lubricant to stop the squeaking sound. Take some petroleum jelly with a scooper and apply it underneath the insole. This will help to stop rubbing all parts against each other. 

  1. Soften The Insole

Our next method is to soften the insole to fix your squeaky doc martens soles. It mainly works for the brand new Docs, which go through the break-in procedure when you’re irritated with the noise. 

Take a rough tape or sandpaper (prefer 120-220 grit) and gently scrub the base of your docs with it. Scrubbing the bottom will help you soften the insole and stop the noisy squeaky. On top, you’ll feel comfortable while walking. But make sure you’re not damaging your boots due to excessive scratching.

How to stop doc martens soles from squeaking

How to Fix Squeaking from Other Parts of the Boot

What if the noise is not coming from the soles but other parts? Here we also listed some exclusive tricks to solve that issue. 

  1. Keep Your Boots Dry

When your boots hold moisture, you likely get a squeaky sound from the bottom. In that case, you need to make your boots dry. You can dry the Docs following the ways.

Using a Napkin: Take a napkin and wipe the bottom of your Docs. Now check out whether the squeaking goes out or not.

Using a Dryer: A napkin won’t be enough if your boot is entirely wet. In that case, opt-out for a dryer. Using a dryer is an effective way to remove the moisture trapped inside your boots. So put your boots in a dryer. 

Note: It’s not a recommended method for stopping the squeaking of your Doc Martens. So following the precautions will allow you to conduct the method safely.

  • First, apply some fabric softener on a washcloth or a sponge.
  • Now fix the washcloths into the boots and toss them into the dryer 
  • Use low heat and leave the shoe in the dryer for 5-10 minutes. 
  • Lastly, take out the shoes from the dryer, and you’ll get them as a squeaky noise freeboot.

Using a Dryer Sheet: If you don’t get any benefit from a napkin or the dryer, using a dryer sheet is another easy way to help you out. Pick a dryer sheet from any laundry near you and then insert the sheet inside your Docs. Placing the dryer sheet will create a buffer in the boot and silence the squeaking. 

  1. Reduce Your Docs Slickness

When you find that your Docs are squeaking more on hardwood or a tile floor, that means in the bottom, they have too much slick. So you need to make them less slick and put them over dryer shit. After that, start rubbing the bottom until the sound stops. 

  1. Fix The Loose Heels

If you find any gap between the heels and shoe surface or the heel is loose, it might also be the reason for your squeaking Doc Martens. So it’s time to fix it if you want to get rid of this problem. 

  • Get a suitable shoe glue for your Doc Martens. 
  • Apply the glue appropriately in the seam lines and the base.
  • After applying the adhesive, hold both the upper and the heel
  • Otherwise, you can use a clamp to hold the heels and uppers tightly together in place
  • Wait until the adhesive becomes dry

If you think it seems to be a hassle, go to any professional shoe services and fix your problem instantly. 

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Other Methods to Stop Squeaking Your Doc Martens 

We also know some other techniques to stop squeaking your doc Martens except these methods. Now we’ll let you know about them. 

  1. Pinch A Tiny Hole In The Sole

When your sole trapped air and causes squeaking, create a tiny hole at the bottom of your Doc using a thin needle. Doing so will enable you to escape the extra air and stop your Doc Martens squeaking.

  1. Rub Leather Conditioner

You can also use some leather conditioner for the squeaking leather. Rub a little amount of conditioner onto your boots and buff it with a dry cloth afterward. If it’s a suede boot, use the conditioner suitable for suede.

  1. Apply WD-40

If the talcum powder tricks didn’t work, in that case, you can try another alternative, WD-40. It’s a lubricant used for locks, cars, and bicycles. This product is more effective than leather conditioners. Spray a bit of WD-40 on the squeaking area and use a dry cloth to make it smooth. Using this lubricant will help the boots become entirely silent.

How to Prevent Squeaking Doc Martens

How to Prevent Squeaking Doc Martens

Prevention is the best solution to solving the issues. So if you can prevent squeaking before it happens, you don’t need to worry about facing these problems anymore. Just follow some quick and easy tricks like below.

  1. Keep Your Docs Always Dry

If you’re from those who frequently walk through the water or in the rain, get the boots in wet condition. So first, you need to constantly clean and dry them properly. 

Though people know these rules, few people leave their wet boots without drying. As a result, it results in squeaking, and if you want to avoid it, dry your boots with patience. But make sure you’re not drying them under direct sun or any heat.

  1. Use Shoe Maintenance Kit

Using a shoe maintenance kit regularly can also prevent shoe squeaking. So collect the essential maintenance products and use them regularly. 

  1. Rub With Sandpaper

Sometimes soles are sounds while walking due to rubbing against each other. So to prevent this situation, rubbing the bottom of the shoe is a simple but excellent idea.

FAQs in Doc Martens Squeaking

Why are my Doc Martens so squeaky when I walk?

Among the various reasons for squeaking your Doc Martens when you walk, the most common reason is friction between the parts of your boots. 

How do I stop my boots from making noise when I walk?

To stop making noise with your boots when you walk, identify whether it is coming from the sole or anywhere else. If the noise is coming from outside, apply leather conditions to minimize the sound. Otherwise, sprinkle talcum powder under the insole to soften the sole if it’s coming from the sole.

Is there anything a shoemaker can do to fix your squeaking shoes?

Of course, if your every attempt fails, it’s time to conduct a shoemaker, a professional in the shoe department, and take your Doc Martens to him. The shoemaker will determine the corrective way to solve your shoe problem and help get rid of squeaking. 

How To Determine The Area Of Squeaking?

Put on your Doc Martens and sit as close to your feet as possible. It’ll help you to ascertain the area responsible for the sound. 
Otherwise, listen carefully to the sound while walking. Move your foot back and forth, up and down, left to right, to better understand which specific area is causing the sound. If you can’t find it out yourself, call someone professional near you. He’ll find out where the noise is coming from within a few seconds. 


Finally, we reached the end of our discussion. Now that you know the answer: why your doc martens so squeaky and How to Stop Doc Martens From Squeaking, perhaps you should consider the most suitable approach.   Following the excellent ways we mentioned write up above will surely help you end the squeaky sound. Also, you’ll get a bonus benefit by trying the preventive tricks of squeaking. 

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