Top 8 Best Socks To Wear With Doc Martens For Comfortable Feeling   

You can not enjoy a comfortable shoe experience with your doc boots unless you wear well-built socks inside the shoes. That’s why besides focusing on the doc martens boots’ quality, fittings, comfort, size, and durability,  you should also be careful when choosing socks. 

You will feel the hard and rough surface of the new boots until you break them. Here, high-quality and heavy-duty socks can be your best foot protector. But, choosing the best socks to wear with doc martens seems very difficult by comparing your shoe size, outfit color, and style sense. We are here to help you with our  8 best affordable socks reviews with a buying guide. 

In this context, we talk about multiple sizes and stylish socks to wear with doc martens boots. The Hanes men’s Double Crew Socks are all-rounder because they are most wanted, durable, thick, and soft among the 8 socks. So you can have a look at these socks before investing your time in the next part of our content.  

At a glance: List of Most comfortable socks to wear with doc martens

Best Socks To Wear With Doc Martens

Top 8 best socks to wear with doc martens boot

1. Hanes Mens Double Crew Socks

Hanes Mens Double Crew Socks

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Our first choice is Hanes Men’s Double Crew Socks that most users recommended for the tall and big guy. When you wear the doc martens boots to perform your industrial work, you must need a pair of great fitting, comfortable, and the best moisture-absorbing socks. 

The company used 56% Polyester, 43% cotton, and 1% Spandex to make these socks to ensure your comfort. The accurate combination of different fabrics makes them durable, long-lasting, and the best bang for your buck. The comfortable toe seam helps prevent your feet from blisters, so you can enjoy your life without consuming any pain killer pill. That’s great!

Most sock wearers complain about the bad sock odor that is really disgusting. But when you wear these cute socks, just forget the foul smell as it follows FreshIQ Advanced Odor Technology to make them odor-free. The socks are machine washable, so you don’t need to think about their cleaning process. Just leave the untidy socks in your washing machine and wait 5 minutes to clean them. Then dry them on sun heats to make them ready to wear the next day. 


  • Well made, well fit, and comfortable
  • Decent strength and longer-lasting
  • Highly soft to easy put on
  • Excellent breathability keep your feet sweat-free
  • The actual size helps to choose the correct size socks  for you


  • The socks are not stretchy enough around the calves
  • You can not dry them with a dryer

2. Alvada Merino Wool Hiking Socks

Alvada Merino Wool Hiking Socks

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Our next pick is Alvada Merino Wool Hiking Socks to keep your feet dry, warm, and cozy in cold and icy weather. The socks’ solid pattern is made with 80% Merino Wool, 15% Polyester, 4% Nylon, and 1% Spandex. So the socks fit your feet well and offer you a comfortable feeling all the time you wear them. 

Alvada produced thick socks for dr. Martens for men and women. That’s why you can choose what size you need from its multiple size options without thinking about your gender. The soft fabric ensures your itching-free experience on your toe area. The socks’ reinforcement and full cushion foot padding will help you to release your Raynaud pain.  

Nobody can hold their nose because of your socks’ odor when you take off your boots. Then these pairs of socks can be your best fit as the socks keep your feet odor-free. 


  • Durable construction, soft and fairly thick
  • Snugly fit with all your boots and shoes  
  • Perfect choice for sweaty feet as the socks wick away moisture
  • More cushioning of the socks help to reduce arthritis pain
  • Easy maintenance with a cold water wash and air dry


  • The socks are too big for small feet
  • It will be better if the socks come in black color

3. Carhartt Synthetic Work Boot Socks

Carhartt Synthetic Work Boot Socks

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Suppose you are performing your job in a restaurant’s kitchen, and suddenly you feel itching or foot pain on your arches. Now, you lean forward your waist to see what happens in your feet. In the meantime, the food that you are preparing will burn. Isn’t it Shocking?

It’s a story; it can happen with you at your every working zone. Just avoid this horrible situation by wearing the Carhartt Synthetic Work Boot Socks with doc martens or your any favorite shoes. The Carhartt socks will be a tremendous all-weather and year-round sock for those who especially appreciate moisture-wicking and good fit. 

The socks have 87% Acrylic, 8% Polyester, 4% Other Fibers, 1% Spandex fabrics. All the knitted combinations make them durable, comfortable, and feet protective. So you can wear them every day for as many hours as you need without facing rugged boot traction with your ankle or arches that cause foot pain. 

The fast dry technology eliminates sweat and dry socks that work great against foot odor. And by considering your different shapes and size of feet, the company brings three different sizes (1x large: 11-15, medium: 5-10, and large: 6-12 heel to toe) socks to ensure your perfect fitting. So you can choose any of the sizes to increase your performance level in your workstation. 


  • Good quality fabrics and well stitching make them everlasting 
  • Perfect size, excellent fit, and comfortable 
  • Not too hot, not too cold, and keep the feet dry
  • Awesome choice for your steel toe boots
  • Better customer service and satisfaction


  • Expensive than other socks

4. McCool mary Ruffle Turn-Cuff Casual Ankle Socks

McCool mary Ruffle Turn-Cuff Casual Ankle Socks

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Are you a girl who always likes a stylish outlook with colorful outfits? So, why do you change this habit when choosing your short socks for dr. Martens. McCool Mary Ruffle Turn-Cuff Casual Ankle Socks can be a super cute option for your frilly girly look! 

These doc martens womens ruffle socks are made with 75% Premium Fabric, 12% Polyester,13% Spandex to offer your best flexibility and comfort with a smooth walking experience. The solid stretchy cuffs help you customize the fittings with any size ankle to protect and feel happy feet. 

The excellent craftsmanship ensures the sock’s durability, and multiple color options allow you to choose your socks by matching the color of your boots. Good breathability keeps your feet dry and moisture-free. You can wash them with a washing machine without doing any harm to your manicured hand. So, this pair of socks will be the golden match with your doc boots. 


  • Good length supports your ankle 
  • It comes in original size for wide feet’s perfect fittings
  • Stylish, colorful, comfortable, and soft
  • The socks will not slip on the tile floors 
  • Affordable price and fast shipping  


  • Not that much thick to keep warm your feet

5. K- Lorra Womens Black Thin Cotton Socks

K- Lorra Womens Black Thin Cotton Socks

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It’s tough to find the best women’s socks unless you choose sports or ankle socks. Just forget this type of frustrating previous experience because now we will introduce you to K-Lorra Womens Black Thin Cotton Sock to wear with any outfits or boots.

The company used 85% cotton, 3% polyester, 12% spandex fabrics in proper ratio to make them comfortable, wearable, breathable, stretchable, and durable. The socks are long and thick to cover your ankle to keep them warm in cold weather. As the socks absorb sweat and prevent stink so you can enjoy wet and odor-free socks without bothering your nearest people. 

The 7 different colors of the socks will come well packaged in a nice flat plastic case. Moreover, you will get 3 pairs of socks in a package. So you can use them for many years once you purchase them. On top of that, you can take new socks wherever you go on a trip. 


  • Absolutely fine, fit, and comfortable
  • The socks color will not fade with the washings
  • Stay up in the place, never twist
  • Add great value against price
  • Offer you free return or fund refund for your dissatisfaction


  • The socks may not be the best shoe partner for summer 

6. CelerSport Men’s Socks

CelerSport Men's Socks

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The CelerSport Men’s Socks are designed for sportspersons or those who have to perform their duty on foot. If you love to play tennis, football, basketball, or do exercise (running, walking, jogging), then CelerSport can be one of the perfect choices for you. These socks are made with 77.1% Cotton, 13.1% Polyester, 6.6% Nylon, 3.2% Spandex.

When you wear the socks, you feel incredibly soft, lightweight, and comfortable because of these more significant portions of cotton. You get better support for your ankle, and it helps prevent blisters, foot fatigue, or any foot pain. Even it prevents your socks from slipping down when you run fast. 

The sole part’s towel and instep mesh fabrics ensure high breathability to moisture wick and keep your feet dry, calm, and fresh. However, the best quality materials make the socks every boot or shoe wearable. So you can consider them as the Doc Martens cotton-blend socks.

The perfect thickness of the socks ensures extra long-lasting performance and durability by reducing dangerous friction at the toe side or high wear zone. The socks come in four colors and are available in three (small:7-9, medium: 9-12, large: 12-14) different sizes. So you can collect your preferred socks according to your shoe color and size.  


  • Multipurpose uses and thick enough to support your arch
  • Super comfy, excellent design, and soft
  • It fits your wide feet as you expect to wear them for a longer time
  • True to size, cut off your sock’s size selecting hassle
  • No fabrics damage due to machine wash 


  • First, you may feel slightly tight around the ankle

7. Fox River Fatigue Fighter Medium Socks

Fox River Fatigue Fighter Medium Socks

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Are you searching for the best pair of socks to wear with doc martens to get release from foot fatigue? Then the Fox River Fatigue Fighter Medium Socks will be the best match for you because the USA-made and imported Fox socks combine the art of comfort and utility at a reasonable price. 

The socks are made with 60% polyester, 35% nylon, 5% spandex to make them easy to wear and durable. The socks’ polyester fabrics are unique and UltraSpun that ensure maximum breathability to maintain proper shape to your toe and heel. Even the quick-dry technology prevents moisture building to keep your feet dry and comfy. That’s why the socks will not slip from the place.  

On top-notch, the socks 8-15mmHg graduated compression technology increases blood circulation to improve your foot pain. That means you can choose these socks if you are a nurse, teacher, or military officer performing your duty on your feet all day. 


  • Comfortable, easy to wear, and cover your calves 
  • Great arch support and roomy toe box for perfect fittings 
  • Increase blood circulation to reduce feet fatigue 
  • The right choice for daily compression wear
  • Made in USA and Affordable price


  • Not recommended for summer use

8. Dickies men’s Multi-pack Cotton Blend Cushioned Work Crew Socks

Dickies men's Multi-pack Cotton Blend Cushioned Work Crew Socks

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Dickies men’s Multi-pack Cotton Blend Cushioned Work Crew Socks is our final choice for your doc martens boots. These imported socks have more stretch with better fit as they are made from 56% Polyester, 40% Cotton, 4% Spandex fabrics. The soft cotton fibers offer you exceptional comfort, breathing, and fittings to wear all day long without having any foot fatigue.   

The full cushioned footbed of the socks adds extra durability with perfect fittings on your toe and heel. So no more hassle to frequently change the socks. However, these crew socks can easily cover any size of calves. So you should not think about your calves’ shape and size before wearing them. 

The socks support machine wash and air or sundry. So you can easily clean them by investing a few minutes. When you compare the price of the socks with their benefits, you will find they are worthwhile, and you get back your every penny by using them year after year. 


  • Well built with proper fabrics combination 
  • Superior fittings and excellent quality
  • Best support your toe, heel, arch, ankle, and calves 
  • Nice design with multiple colors
  • Pocket-friendly price and fast shipping


  • The socks will get thinner between washings

How To Choose The Best Socks to Wear With Doc Martens?

Like making any other purchasing decision, you have to consider some features before selecting the right socks for you. Otherwise, you may invest your bucks for socks, but they will not offer you comfort or support to keep your foot protected from foot pain or fatigue. Let’s see the features you should keep in mind when choosing socks. 

  • Your feet size for perfect fittings

The first and foremost priority is to know your feet size to choose the right fitting socks. If you choose too long or too short socks, you may feel too tight or too loose. Both of these feelings are very irritating and disgusting when you wear socks for a longer time. Most companies produce multiple-size socks; you should select the size based on your foot and shoe size.  

  • Weather condition

Some socks are suitable for winter, and some socks are for summer. You should choose thick socks for winter to keep your feet warm and comparatively thin socks for summer for ensuring proper ventilation and breathing. When you can choose the socks depending on the weather, you feel comfortable. 

  • Socks making fabrics or materials 

In most cases, socks are not built with one kind of fabric because one material can not ensure all types of quality to meet your expectations. Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, Merino Wool, and Spandex are the most common fabrics to make socks. 

Maintaining a perfect ratio and combination of these fabrics can make the socks comfortable, well finished, and durable. So you have to check the socks-making materials before firing the trigger button to buy the socks. 

Cotton-based socks are moisture absorbing, so you can choose them to avoid dampness on your feet for summer. And Merino Wool based socks are perfect for winter as the wools keep your feet warm in the cold weather. And Spandex makes the socks soft to stretch them for easy wearing. 

  • Height adjustment

Different people’s feet are different in height and they like to wear different height socks.  So you have to consider your feet’ size to adjust the length of the sock. For example

You can choose ankle socks if you only like to cover your feet, arches and want to stop them on your ankle. On the other hand, crew socks will be great to protect your ankle to avoid boot rubbing with the ankles. The ¾ crew socks maintain a length between ankle socks and crew socks. So they will not be as great as the mid-level ankle covering socks.

Knee or over the valve socks are the best for running, walking, and standing all day long in your work area. The socks cover your calves nicely and ensure total feet support because the socks take the absolute pressure from your toe zone and arches.  

  • Feet protection  and safety

As human feet take the entire body weight, it is very common among people to suffer from foot diseases, especially foot fatigue, foot pain, and blisters pain. In this case, what footwear you use, you have to be conscious about them. 

Because misleading footwear may increase your diseases rather than reduce. So you should choose the socks that have enough padding at the toe area, arches, and heel area for feeling the extra softness and preventing concussions. 

  • Design, style, and color

Doc boots are the alternative name of style and fashion. So if you wear any socks that will not match the boots, you will look odd, unstylish, and weird. That’s why you should wear the socks that go with your boots and outfit color and design. You will find different colors of socks within your budget. Just you have to be aware of it. It’s nothing complicated. 

  • Washing direction

Socks will get untidy soon. So you should wash them to maintain hygiene and wear clean socks every time. All socks are not machine and bleach washable. So you should know the washing and drying procedure of the socks. 

The easier the work will be, the more time and energy you can save. So you have to read the user manual carefully to know the socks cleaning instructions. 

FAQs In Doc Martens Socks

What length socks to wear with doc martens?

As the martens’ boots have extended height, you can keep long-length socks to your topmost priority when choosing socks for those boots. Because the long socks help you to avoid blisters and ankle rubbing while wearing Doc boots. But, there is no standard and recommended socks length to wear with doc martens boots. You can wear any size of socks that you feel comfortable, protected, and stylish. 

Can you wear doc martens without socks?

If you want, you can wear doc martens without socks. But, it is very harmful and risky to wear boots without wearing socks. Because when you wear doc boots without wearing any socks, your feet will get directly attached to the hard leather of the shoes. So it may cause foot pain or fatigue. In that case, It’s better to wear socks to feel comfortable and keep your feet protected.  

How to wear doc martens with socks?

It’s very simple to wear doc martens socks. By following some easy steps, you can do it. Here are the steps:

1. First, take your preferred size and color socks in your hand and stretch them. When you stretch the socks, they have increased their length for easy wearing. 
2. Next, put on your feet inside the socks and pull them for your perfect fittings. You can check the toe and heel shapes of the socks before wearing boots. 
3. After that, wear the doc martens boots over the socks. And it’s over. 

Are doc marten socks worth it?

Yes, doc martens socks are great in quality, fittings, durability, and comfortability. You get all the benefits from a pair of socks and can buy them at an affordable price. So we can say doc martens socks are worthwhile against their cost. 


Finally, we have come to the final verdict of discussing the best socks to wear with doc martens.  Initially, it may seem that socks are not that much attention-grabbing footwear like shoes or boots. But, when you think in-depth, you will find this small footwear has a great effect on your feet. 

That means there is no way to ignore the importance of wearing the best quality socks with shoes. By considering your needs, we have discussed different types of socks. You can choose any of them depending on your requirements.  

If you like to get our expert suggestions then you can choose Hanes Men’s Double Crew Socks to get an overall and comfortable shoe experience.

Or you can pick Carhartt Synthetic Work Boot Socks if you have a budget limitation. And to get a stylish look go with K- Lorra Womens Black Thin Cotton Socks.

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