Can You Wear Doc Martens With A Suit? (Where & Where Not)

Most people consider Docs as casual footwear. That’s quite true, but when you’re an extreme Docs lover, you may think; can you wear Doc Martens with a suit?

Doc Martens with a suit will look stylish and decent if you can carry them comfortably. But for this you should know when and how to style the Docs with a suit. 

In this article, you will get everything you need to know, including the various brilliant ideas of wearing Docs with a suit. So without delay, let’s get started. 

Can You Wear Doc Martens With A Suit

Can You Wear Doc Martens With A Suit?

Yes, you can wear Doc Martens with a suit. However, most customers disagree that Doc martens are meant to be worn with a suit. But believe it or not, when you know which one to pair, when, and how: Docs will create a classy attire for you overall.

Below are the most useful answers you need to know before wearing dr martens with a suit.

When You Can Wear Dr. Martens with a Suit?

When you don’t want to leave your favorite Docs, even if you’re wearing a suit, you first need to know when and where you can wear them. Learning the appropriate time and places for wearing Doc Martens will save you from embarrassment all of a sudden.

  • When Your Office Doesn’t Have a Strict Dress Code

If you want to seek comfort and work in a place with no strict rules for dress coding, you can certainly wear Doc Martens with a suit.

  • In the Cold Weather

If you’re living in a cold climate area, you have to wear boots to keep your feet warm. In that case, pairing Doc Martens with a suit is absolutely fine. 

  • Less Formal Environment 

When you’re going to a place where there are no obligations for a formal outfit, you can undoubtedly pick Docs with a suit if you like to wear them. 

  • To Make a Unique Style

If you’re daring enough to make your style or tired of usual work attire, switch to Doc Martens. It will add a modern twist and uniqueness to your outfit while maintaining the proper dressing for the occasion.

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How to Wear Dr. Martens with a Suit?

Here are several outfit ideas to pair Dr. Martens with a suit. Let’s check them out one by one.

1. Chelsea Boots with Slim Fitted Suit Pants

Dr. Martens’s Chelsea boots are among the most popular boots people love to pair with a suit. It brings the class with a sleek and smart appearance no matter what you pair with them.

However, Chelsea boots will be more up your attire when you pick slim-fitting suit pants with a minimum break in the leg. Make sure the suit pants are wide enough to fit with the upper of Chelsea boots without stretching comfortably. If you’re going to a dinner party, the look is highly suitable.

2. Tailored Suit and Tee

For womens, a tailored suit revealing a simple white tee brings a casual grunge look to your appearance. You can style it with chunky Dr. Martens 1460 smooth leather lace-up boots that polish off the look.

Dr. Martens 1460 Original Smooth Leather 8-Eye Boot

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3. Doc Martens with a Double-Breasted Suit

Another fantastic way to wear your Doc Martens is with a double-breasted suit. Pick a high-top boot and wear any formal shirt with the suit. A high-top boot will let your suit pants rest on top of your boots and look more formal attire.

Style with a striped tie that makes the outfit more outstanding. However, you can button up the suit or keep them unbuttoning at your personal preference. 

Doc Martens with a Double-Breasted Suit
Image source:

4. Doc Martens 1460 With Black Suit Pant

If you want to pair your suit with Doc Martens 1460, the best option is to wear them with black suit pants. A black boot and black suit will create a perfect blend. You can make your look more cherished with a pair of black socks.

You can pick any color for the suit, including navy blue or black. But consider a white shirt with the suit because it’ll add brightness to your whole outfit. Afterward, to make the outfit much more classy, pick a long wine Striped or patterned tie. If you want to maintain a professional dress, the best idea is to avoid tucking your pants inside the boot.

When You shouldn’t Wear Dr. Martens With A Suit?

Once you know when Dr. Martens are suitable to wear with a suit, at the same time, you should also know when wearing the Docs might not be a perfect choice. 

  • In Extreme Hot Weather

Dr. Martens’s boots might not be an excellent choice on scorching summer days. Usually, we take boots as cold weather footwear. So in the hot climates area where everyone is wearing light, typical footwear there, Doc Marten will look quite odd. 

Otherwise, you can feel it quite hot and uncomfortable also. So in these situations, you should opt out of light dress shoes that will give you comfort as well as not look awkward.

  • On Very Formal Occasions 

In general, boots are styled more with casual outfits. If you’re going to a very formal place and environment, Doc Martens boots will feel a bit casual somewhere. So if you don’t want to take the risk and have to maintain the formality, don’t pair them with a suit. 

FAQs in doc martens with suit

Can you wear docs to prom?

You can wear Dr. Martens to prom. Especially if you have a rebel at heart, wearing Docs with a gown will give you a real feeling like a boss. You can pick the iconic black 1460s or the glitter combat boots that’ll perfectly match your prom. 

Will Doc Martens go out of style?

For over 60 years, Doc Martens ruled in the footwear industry without compromising its popularity. They’re always in trend and still now never go out of style. Significantly, the Dr. Martens lace-up boots remain the most popular and never go out of style for the youth. 

Can Doc Martens be worn with anything?

Yes, you can wear Doc Martens with anything. That said, Doc Martens produces the most versatile boots and shoes that anyone finds easy to style with any attire. 

Can you wear Doc Martens over 50?

Of course, you can wear Doc Martens at over 50. Age is only a number which can’t decide what you can wear and not. It’s your personal preference to make your style. Make sure you dress in a modern or classic way that goes with the time and your age. 

Are Dr. Martens heavy to wear?

Though Doc Martens are built rugged and tough, don’t worry. They’re not that heavy to give you an uncomfortable feeling. They are built to ensure comfort and are eligible to wear for an extended period. 


So now you should have your answer whether you can wear Dr. Martens with a suit or not. Generally, as long as you do your style correctly and maintain the time, place, and occasions, Dr. Martens are always ready to go with every outfit, including a suit. So no more hesitation- and enjoy each moment with all-time favorite Doc Martens. 

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