7 Best Birkenstock for Flat Feet with Buying Guide

Birkenstock sandals have multiple health benefits that include improving circulation, even weight distribution, and healing muscle and joint pains. But what most people don’t know is that Birkenstock also offers excellent heel and arch support for flat feet. 

Hence, owning a pair of Birkenstock sandals will be a great investment for people with flat feet. But, with multiple models for both males and females, choosing the best Birkenstock for flat feet isn’t an easy task by any means. 

Therefore, we have looked deep into Birkenstock’s popular models and found out the top seven sandals and clogs suggestions for men and women. If you have flat feet, these sandals will provide you with excellent arch and heel support along with extended comfort and longevity. So, you won’t face any pain and stress around your feet even after hours of walking and standing. 

And not to mention that Birkenstock sandals offer timeless beauty and class that is never out of style. So, you can easily keep pace with the changing tradition of the modern-day with these high-end Birkenstock sandals. 

Best Birkenstock for Flat Feet

The History of Birkenstock:

Birkenstock has a rich history and is amongst the oldest shoemakers worldwide. It gets the name directly from its founder Johann Adam Birkenstock. He found Birkenstock way back in 1774 in Neustadt, close to Bonn. 

Since then, Birkenstock has become one of the pioneers in the shoemaking industry, and their biggest contribution is the contoured footbed. Before Birkenstock, all shoemakers used flat footbeds in their insoles of the shoes and boots. Thus, it didn’t match with the natural shape of the human. But, Konrad Birkenstock, the grandson of Adam Birkenstock, invented the contoured footbed in the late 18’s to change the course of Birkenstock and the shoe industry forever. 

His invented insole would mold to match the shape of the human foot. So, it added extra cushioning and comfort to every foot. In 1830, Birkenstock took an ingenious marketing step. They coined their contoured insole as “footbed” for the first time to deliver that message; it truly brings comfort as if you are in your favorite bed. It was popular, and so, Birkenstock’s popularity grew immensely. 

Plus, Birkenstock was one of the first manufacturers to address the ongoing environmental and climate change issue. Henceforth, they use non-leather materials in their sandals, clogs, and shoes as part of their eco-friendly manufacturing process. They use a special type of bark to manufacture the insole and upper part of the shoe. The bark comes mainly from the Oaktree. As they carefully separate the old bark from the exterior of the Oak tree, it doesn’t harm the tree. The bark has grown annually and helps in the natural growth of the tree. 

Also, they use jute and latex to reinforce the insole and upper part for better longevity.

Popular Models of Birkenstock 

For their 248 years of manufacturing history, Birkenstock has introduced several popular and classic models for men and women. Some of these models have become timeless classics and are still popular among youngsters. 


The Boston series is perhaps the most popular and widely sold model of Birkenstock. The clog-style Birkenstock features a closed-toe along with an adjustable buckle and strap. You will find it in both soft and original hard footbed as it is part of Birkenstock’s essential series. 

Also, Boston models are widely available in both wide and narrow shapes, making them a perfect choice for both men and women. 


Birkenstock introduced the Arizona series in 1973, and it immediately made them a sensation in the American shoe and sandal market. The design features Birkenstock’s signature adjustable two straps and an open-toe. The design has remained unchanged ever since its introduction in the market and has become a cult among youngsters. 


The Mayari series has a strapping sandal design. It features two adjustable straps, and the front has an open toe. It has most models available for females, and its snug-fitting is truly a lifetime experience for your feet. 


The Sydney series from Birkenstock is mostly a unisex model. It has an elevated heel height and so, ideal for flat feet. There’re two straps on the sandal that offers a customized fitting. So, you will love its fitting and also, the footbed is soft. 


The Gizeh is an entirely different model from Birkenstock since it has a single strap design. It is a sandal with a unique thong style, and the toe end is open. The upper part has suede oiled leather and comes in many colors. 

How to choose shoe for flat feet

The Top 7 Best Birkenstock for Flat Feet Reviews 

You should already know that Birkenstock has seriously limitless models available in the market. They differ in styles, strap numbers, footbed softness, and hardness, along with open or close toe. But, not all of them are surely suitable for flat feet. Isn’t it?

Note: Before dive in, you may also read our ultimate guide about birkenstocks, if they are good for flat feet or not.

So, here’re our top 7 suggestions from Birkenstock classics for flat feet people. It will relieve you from stress and pain caused by flat feet. 

1. Birkenstock Arizona Leather sandal for flat feet

Birkenstock Arizona is already a cult model from the manufacturer. Thanks to its elevated toe and heel sections, you will enjoy maximum support for flat feet. Also, an elevated heel section is truly a game-changing option for people suffering from stress and pain. It keeps your heel and toe in perfect positioning and distributes your body weight evenly across the entire sandal. It means your toe or heel won’t feel the pressure of being overweight, and so, it will relieve you from pain and injuries. 

As far as the scandal is concerned, it has great oiled leather on the upper. It is a vegan fabric made using Birkenstock’s clever engineering to look like premium full-grain leather. So, you will enjoy the luxury along with improved comfort. 

Its soft footbed is made using traditional cork and latex for extended longevity. Also, a soft footbed means it will not cause a blister or burn to your feet. This softness of the footbed is an excellent addition since Birkenstock sandals and shoes are infamous for their original hard footbed that causes extreme pain during the first few days’ usages. 

You will find the strap adjustability easy. It doesn’t need any labor at all. All you need is to remove the pin and adjust the strap according to your foot’s width. The snug-fitting is, therefore, just one step away from you for the most comfortable walking experience. 

Key facts:

  • EVA-made outsole 
  • Quick care facility 
  • Unisex model for all 
  • Suede sockliner 


  • Improves circulation with the elevated toe end 
  • Shock-absorbing and lightweight outsole 
  • Mimics the natural foot movement for comfort 


  • The outsole isn’t highly suitable for wet floors 

2. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Leather Sandal

How about a soft footbed from Birkenstock that also helps your flat feet? Does it sound unreal? The Arizona soft footbed sandal makes the unreal into a real one, and you will love its added comfort and support to the flat feet with every step. 

The footbed has a contoured design. So, it matches the shape of your feet anatomically, giving you the most amazing walking experience. Furthermore, the soft footbed will break in soon and prevent burn and blister. So, you won’t have any annoying moments with this sandal. 

The upper is made with suede leather. Similarly, the footbed lining is also made using suede leather. So, it is vegan-friendly. On top of it, the EVA sole ensures smooth grip with its textured design on the road. It ensures that you will find it easy to walk on the slippery surface and also protects you from fallings on any surface. 

Last but not least, its two adjustable buckles ensure a nice snug feel. So, you won’t feel loose, which at times reduces stability while you walk. It means you can walk confidently with style without worrying about the surface condition. 

Key Facts:

  • Two adjustable buckle 
  • EVA outsole with suede lining 
  • Anatomical shape property 


  • Soft footbed breaks in quickly 
  • Convenient buckle adjustment 
  • Excellent grip with the textured sole 


  • The upper leather doesn’t look premium 

3. Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Sandal

The Mayari has been a top choice for women for years now, and it is also one of the best Birkenstock for flat feet. The sandal has an oiled leather upper ensures a luxurious appearance. But it is not the look but the clever engineering that makes it the top choice for every woman to combat the consequences of flat feet. 

The cork footbed is soft. So, unlike the original hard footbed of Birkenstocks, you will be less likely to face any blisters and burns. Also, it breaks in soon enough to ensure comfort to your feet. If you are in a hurry, you can break it in using a hammer. Hammer the footbed for a few minutes, and you will find it ready for wearing almost immediately. 

The midsole or footbed also has latex inside it. So, it sticks to the outsole for an extended period. The outsole comes directly from EVA foam. So, you can depend on its gripping performance on wet floors for confident walking. You won’t slip with the Mayari on your feet. So, it eliminates the risk of twisting or breaking your ankle and legs. 

Last but not least, its improved arch-supper ensures that your feet get perfect protection. So, you don’t need to worry about stress at all. Also, it distributes the body weight evenly with the perfect positioning of your feet. 

Key Facts:

  • Oiled leather upper 
  • EVA outsole and cork footbed 
  • Enhanced arch support 


  • Snug fitting for better stability 
  • Quality material ensures durability 
  • Added support due to the toe grip 


  • Available only for women’s 

4. Birkenstock Unisex Stone Leather Arizona Slide Fashion Sandals

Another popular model from Birkenstock, Arizona, features a stone leather finish for the most luxurious appearance. We listed it as the best Birkenstock sandals for its big toe box, increased arch and heel support, and above all, unique design. 

To begin with, you will get the original footbed with this Arizona sandal. So, it will feel a bit harsh initially to your toe. However, once it breaks in a few days, you will love its comfort for the best relaxation while walking and standing for hours. Also, its hardness on the footbed helps remove pain and stress from the foot and ankle, which might happen due to improper foot positioning. 

The upper is made of 100% synthetic material. But it looks like premium leather. Since it has no animal leather, the Arizona Stone Leather sandals are 100% vegan and eco-friendly. On top of it, the toe box is spacious enough. So, even people with wider toes will find it pretty comfy. 

Birkenstock has used EVA foam to manufacture its outsole. It has excellent flexibility and so absorbs shock better than ordinary sandals. It is also lightweight so that you enjoy the lighter feel with every step you take. 

Key Facts:

  • 100% vegan-friendly design 
  • Flexible EVA outsole 
  • Original Birkenstock footed 


  • The toe box is roomy for comfort 
  • Outstanding arch support for flat feet 
  • The heel cup is deep for perfect feet positioning 


  • Limited color and size options 

5. Birkenstock Women’s Slider

Sliders are one of the trendiest sandals for women since they can pair them with almost anything from jeans to skits and tank tops. Thus, women always love to have a pair of sliders in their shoe rack. Thankfully, Birkenstock has heard the hearts of females worldwide and introduced this unique slider for them. Also, it supports people with flat heels due to its 1″ heel elevation. 

The 1″ heel height may not seem pretty obvious unless you wear the slider and feel the difference. The higher heel height means your arch will also find excellent support. Plus, the closed design on both sides keeps your feet in the proper position. Thus, you won’t face any ankle twist and pain due to being overweight on any points of your feet. 

The sole is made of rubber, and its straps have pins for convenient adjustment. The entire idea behind the sliders is to offer you great heel and arch support along with a convenient user experience in nearly all conditions. 

Key Facts:

  • 1” heel height 
  • Rubber outsole 
  • Soft footbed 


  • Quickly molds to your foot shape 
  • Easy adjustment of the buckles 
  • Outstanding arch and heel support


  • Slightly expensive 

6. Birkenstock Unisex Sydney Soft Footbed Sandal

The Sydney series is one of the latest additions of Birkenstock, and it has also achieved great fame among footwear freaks. The sandal features an oiled leather sole and upper parts to boost the premium feel for excellence. 

When you wear the sandal, you will immediately appreciate how comfy its contoured footbed is. It is made using cork and latex. Although EVA-foam is better for stability, cork doesn’t lag too much either. So, you will love the stability and contoured shape of the sandal. On top of it, its ability to match your foot shape within a few days makes it an unbeatable choice for flat feet. 

Furthermore, the outsole of the Sydney series is made of EVA foam. It has a nice texture underneath. So, you won’t find it hard to move through the wet surface. It simply increases your safety in demanding conditions and boosts your confidence while walking. 

Last but not least, its soft footbed means you can use the sandal throughout the day without any stress and pain. You can go shopping, offices, workplaces, or anywhere else you want with this Birkenstock Sydney on your feet and still enjoy comfort and steadiness for the most period. 

Key Facts:

  • Narrow width availability 
  • EVA foam made outsole 
  • Imported from Germany 


  • Lightweight and flexible sole 
  • Excellent comfort and durability 
  • Quickly adjustable straps with pins 
  • Stylish model for men and women 


  • The wider models are rarely found 

7. Birkenstock Men’s Clogs

With synthetic leather and handcrafted sole, this clog from Birkenstock is the correct choice of stylish men’s. And on top of it, it is one of the best Birkenstock for flat feet, thanks to its arch and heel support with a toe closure design. 

It’s synthetic upper is Birko-Flor which is a classic manufactured upper from Birkenstock. It truly looks like premium leather. Also, it enjoys extended longevity, which you can’t help but appreciate. Its footbed is soft and breaks in quickly to stop blisters. Also, it distributes the weight of your body evenly. 

We also found its EVA outsole outstandingly constructed. It offers excellent grip on the slippery surface and, to a large extent, anti-slip. So, you may now forget about those old days when you slipped on wet floors while walking. 

The clogs are also pretty stylish and so will go perfectly well with your casual dresses. So, you may wear it during shopping time or occasional meet-ups with friends and family members. You will love when people admire your choice. 

Key Facts:

  • Arch support with anatomical shape 
  • Non-slip EVA outsole 
  • Birko-Flor leather-like upper  


  • Fashionable outlook 
  • Adjustable strap for tailored fitting 
  • The clogs are lightweight 


  • Available in only four colors 

The Sizing Guide for Birkenstock 

Since Birkenstock has an anatomical shape and contoured fitting, people are concerned about its sizing. So, when you invest in the best Birkenstock for flat feet, understanding the size chart of Birkenstock is crucial for you to get a snug feel. 

The sizing chart of these clogs and sandals has two main properties:

  1. Width; and 
  2. Length 

Birkenstock width mainly features two different widths: M and N. M refers to medium width, and it is a regular fit. So, most men will find it suitable for their feet. On the contrary, N refers to narrow-shaped sandals and clogs. All sandals with N width will have a “SlimFit” mark. So, when you choose the sandals, look at their width carefully so that you don’t pick the wrong sandal. 

Next, you need to look at the length or the size of the Birkenstock sandals. Thankfully, most models of Birkenstock run true to size except Mayari and Gizeh. Also, Birkenstock is made to offer a wider fitting to your feet. Thus, you shouldn’t downsize your Birkenstock sandals. Just get the regular size you wear for your boots and shoes, and you should find it comfortable. 

The best Birkenstock sandals reviewed in this list feature molded shaping and adjustable straps with buckles for a pretty tailored fitting. So, you will love fitting and convenience both while standing and walking. 

Final Words 

Flat feet could be problematic if your sandal or shoe fails to provide an appropriate positioning of your feet. Also, the footwear should offer anatomical fitting and arch support. We kept these important factors in consideration while selecting these 7 best Birkenstock for flat feet suggestions. You will love the snug feel along with the comfort of these sandals. So, which one is your favorite?

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