How to Fit Birkenstocks? Birkenstock Fit Guide

Putting on the wrong shoe size can be both annoying and painful. Birkenstock footwear is a German shoe manufacturer of customized sandals that emphasizes foot health and provides quality materials for their production. 

To put on the right size, you need to learn how to fit Birkenstock with the assistance of the Birkenstock fit guide.

Step on the Birkenstock sandal’s footbed and correctly adjust the straps to obtain the correct fit. Examine the distance between the edge of your feet and the edge of the footbed to see whether it is between 5mm and 10mm. Also, make certain that your feet are not in any way touching the edges. 

We have gathered all the necessary information for you. So, let’s get started.

How to Fit Birkenstocks

Shoe Size Chart Conversion

Birkenstock sizing differs from regular shoe sizing. The ideal sandal size for every individual is different. Besides, they provide all UK, US, and EU sizes for the users. If you notice, the European sizing, UK sizing, and US sizing are all different from one another.

Although it might mislead, the conversion of sizes according to the US, EU, and UK versions of Birkenstock size differs from the other shoes size charts.

Understanding the perfect sizing and implementing the process is crucial if you are buying Birkenstock for the first time. So, don’t forget to check on their sizing system.

What Is the Best Time to Measure Your Feet?

Although it might sound strange, the size of your feet changes throughout the day. So, it is recommended to measure your feet later in the day or maybe during the evening. There is a reason behind the advocacy. And that is, our feet swell up as our blood circulation increases while we move around or stand up.

A few hours of walking can cause your feet expand slightly. That’s why if you measure in the morning, your shoe might feel tighter after a hectic day. And this might create an uncomfortable situation as Birkenstocks might not fit properly.

Your Feet Don’t Measure the Same

If you measure your left and right feet, they will show you different results. The right foot length and the left foot length are different for every single person.

So, be sure to get both your feet measured. And in the Birkenstock fit guide, they take both feet’ measurements to provide the ultimate comfort for both feet.

How to Fit Birkenstocks?

Now, you’re about to find out a few steps on how you can measure the length and width of your feet and make the Birkenstocks shoes blend in with you and get an optimum fit.

1.Measure Your Foot Length and Width

Now, to achieve the perfect fit, let’s follow the steps –

  • First, take two pieces of A4-sized paper and set them against a wall, leaving no gap between the paper and the wall. 
  • Let’s step on the paper and stand straight. Make sure your heel is touching the wall. Don’t push your feet harder or have any gap between the wall and your feet. 
  • Take a pencil or a ball pen and draw some lines to measure the length.
  • Look for your longest toe and leave a mark to measure its length.
  • (Note: Don’t use a thick pen, and be careful while putting a mark on the paper. If you overdraw or underdraw your length, you will end up with the wrong pair of shoes.)
  • Now, measure the length of both feet in mm and note it down on a paper for later.
  • While standing on the paper straight, determine the outermost points of your feet.
  • Usually, the outermost points are the ball and the edge of the outer toe of the feet.
  • Now mark both the left and right side carefully and ensure that you have marked them correctly.
  • Subsequently, measure the width in mm.

2. Get Your Perfect Size on the Birkenstock Website

After recording the length and width, enter the Birkenstock fit-guide section and put the credentials in the size calculator. The size specifications have a certain allowable limit that you can go up to. You will get the result in both the UK sizing system and the European sizing system in no time.

3. Adjusting the Straps of Birkenstock Sandals (Upper Strap and Lower Strap)

Birkenstock sandals come in a variety of styles and colors. When you already know your shoe size and color preference, it’s time to go for the trial for your new Birkenstocks. 

  • Open the upper straps and step onto the new sandals. 
  • Now, there are a few things you need to be careful about. While standing up in the sandals, check the position of your toes, heels, and the balls of your feet.
  • The distance between the edge of the sandal and your heel should be approximately 5 mm. If your heel touches the edge, you should look for a size smaller than the existing one.
  • Now, measure the gap between your longest toe and the footbed edge of the sandal. The optimum space should be nearly 10 mm. If your toes touch the edge of the footbed or the gap is way more than the recommended number, this shoe is not for you. 
  • After determining the length, it’s time to check the width. To get the perfect width size, the balls and toes should be fitted inside the sandals. 
  • And last but not least, check your straps. There are two straps on the sandals. The one that is closer to your toes is called the upper strap, and the one which is closer to your ankle is called the lower strap. 
  • In Birkenstocks sandals, you have the option to adjust your straps as per your comfort. And to get the perfect fit and comfort, the standard distance between the foot arch and the upper and lower straps should be 10 mm and 5 mm, respectively. 

Narrow Birkenstocks VS. Regular

There are two widths fixtures for Birkenstock shoes. One is a regular fit, and the other one is a narrow fit. These two fitting options are extremely important to get a comfortable pair of shoes.

Here, the regular fit means you have wider feet and need wider shoes to fit in the shoes perfectly. And narrow fitting is for those who have slender feet with narrow width. Usually, women need to wear narrow shoes as they have narrow feet.

Where men usually have larger feet and require most Birkenstock sandals with a regular fit. If you are wondering how to know what your width fixture is, don’t bother about it. The result on the website also includes the width fittings along with the sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Birkenstocks good for your feet?

The Birkenstock footbed is made of cork and latex. This core is specially made intending to hold the pressure of your feet and provide you with the ultimate solace. While most footwear companies ignore foot health, Birkenstock has always prioritized this matter. From the material to the shaping and customization, everything is done considering scientific methods. That’s why this brand has won admiration over the years and is still raising the bar high for competitors. 

Birkenstock sandals and boots are the most comfortable for both men and women. If you are looking for comfortable boots for men that your feet will also appreciate, then we recommend Birkenstock Men’s Timmins High Boots for you. 

And for women, Birkenstock’s Women’s Pecan Nubuck Sandal is an absolute gem when you want both style and comfort at the same time.

How to take care of Birkenstock shoes? 

Birkenstocks employs high-quality materials, including premium leather shoes. To keep the leather looking good, use a spray called Birkenstock Water & Stain Repellent. Applying the product on a regular basis will keep the leather from deteriorating. 

Birkenstock Cork Sealer is also available for exposed cork. Apply a thin layer to the cork to protect it. Furthermore, keep your shoes clean and away from dirt and water. For a new appearance, use Birkenstock Cleaner & Refresher on a regular basis.

Does Birkenstock damage in wet weather?

Your shoe might get wet accidentally, but it wouldn’t ruin your pair. However, it is recommended to circumvent water and dust as much as you can. If it gets wet, just wipe away the extra water and dry it well.


Don’t rush the process of purchasing your very new Birkenstocks. Be sure the shoe is comfortable and has no signs of rub and shave. Some people tighten the strap too tight or wear them too loose and think the shoe is a misfit for them.

That’s why Birkenstock has instructed all the little details to make sure you wear your pairs in the right manner. With the help of the Birkenstock fit guide, you now know how to fit Birkenstocks.

Birkenstock offers the perfectly shaped heel cup with the best toe grip. They never ignore the importance of flawless arch support and have always focused on the pressure points of their original footbed to give you an ultimate footwear experience. 

Hopefully, all our bestowed information will help you buy your first Birkenstock footwear and will leave you with happy feet.

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