How To Shrink Crocs That Are Too Big? (Easy Guide & Tips)

The best way to convert your unfit Crocs shoes into perfect fit is shrinking. We know it sounds a bit surprising, but the fact is true. If you accidentally buy big-size crocs shoes, you can adjust them with your feet size within some easy steps. So, after hearing the fact, now you eagerly want to know how to shrink crocs that are too big.

You can easily shrink your big crocs shoes in the dryer with a couple of towels. Keep the big Crocs shoes in the dryer for 5 minutes and see the magic. After 5 minutes, you will get a small pair of crocs.

It is a summary of the full process, but you need to follow some tricks to shrink the crocs shoes without damaging the expensive footwear or making it too small. So, without further ado, let’s learn the details.

How To Shrink Crocs That Are Too Big

Do Crocs Really Shrink?

Crocs shoes are easy to wear, not bad for your feet, super comfortable and lightweight. But often, it’s tough to fit someone who has narrow feet. As they bring roomy fitting for wider toes, the people with narrow toes find it difficult to fit. But fortunately, you can shrink your big shoes to make them smaller.

You can heat the shoes to loosen the structure of your crocs shoes and shrink the croslite foam to make it small. The process of heating can depend on your choice. You can heat it at 85-90°F in the dryer, or you can keep it under direct sunlight if you live in a hot country.  But shrinking crocs shoes are possible and it’s effortless to shrink your shoes.

Why Do Crocs Shrink?

Crocs shoes shrink because they are made of flexible resin foam called croslite. The foam contains an elastic polymer that is highly heat sensitive. So, when crocs get high heat, they gradually shrink.

What Are Crocs Made of?

Due to crocs shoes’ superior comfort, softness and grip, people get confused about its materials. Yet it is super lightweight; it can ensure maximum foot protection even on slippery surfaces.

Most of the Crocs shoes are made of Croslite foam resin. It is derived from high-quality polymer ethylene vinyl acetate. This polymer contains elasticity, which is the reason to get flexibility and softness from crocs shoes. This croslite foam can give you the best foot support and comfort to avoid foot fatigue, bunion, or other issues.

How To Shrink Crocs That Are Too Big?

No matter whether you mistakenly bought the wrong size non-slip Crocs shoes or you didn’t find any appropriate size of crocs due to your foot shape. You can easily shrink your big shoes. 

After in-depth research, we are going to share an easy guide to shrink your big crocs shoes to make them perfectly fitting. If your shoes are somehow stretched out, you can also apply these tricks.

Essential Tools

If you want to avoid over-shrinkage or damage, then you should be strategic to shrink your shoes. You need some tools to properly do this DIY job. 

  • Dryer
  • 2 wet towels

Step 1: Fix Timer

After managing the tools now, it’s time to set the timer in your dryer. But, before fixing the timer make sure you set an adequate time for shrinking. Besides, choosing the optimal heat is also important. Otherwise, overheating can damage your expensive pair of shoes.

So, set the timer with the appropriate heat and period. Generally, you can go with 5-10 minutes settings with low to medium heat.

Step 2: Take crocs and towels

After preparing the dryer, now take your Crocs shoes to put them in the dryer. Besides, take the wet towel with the shoes. Here towels help to moisten the elements perfectly to shrink well. So, you must put on shoes with wet towels. Otherwise, these tricks won’t be effective.

Step 3: Start Dryer

When you finish loading the crocs and towels, it’s time to switch on the dryer.

Step 4: Observe crocs

After starting the dryer, it is important to observe the shrinking process. When you stand beside the dryer to see the whole process, you can notice whether you set too much heat for the shoes or not. 

As we already mentioned, high heat can damage your pair of shoes. So, it’s important to observe whether the heating process is going appropriately or not.

Step 5: Take out crocs from the dryer

After completing the heating process, wait for 4-5 minutes. Then check the shoes; if it is still hot, take them out from the dryer. Because extra heat can damage your shoes.

When you take out the crocs shoes, rest them some time to cool. After cooling them, try your shoes to check whether they shrink or not. We guess you will be pleased with the outcome or change of the shape of your shoes.

Is It Difficult To Push Crocs In The Dryer?

Loading Crocs shoes in the dryer is not difficult. But you should be conscious during heating the shoes because overheating is dangerous for your shoes.

Crocs shoes are made of a flexible croslite material, so they can easily be stretched out. That is the reason people with narrow toes find it too big or loose fit. So, shrinking is often essential. But if your crocs shoes are fitted well, then it is better not to put them in a dryer or washer to avoid unwanted stretching.

Can You Shrink Crocs In Hot Water Or High Heat Instead of A Dryer?

You can not shrink crocs shoes in hot water, but it is possible to shrink crocs in high heat instead of a dryer. 

Hot water can lose the materials of crocs, but it is unable to shrink. Instead of shrinking, hot water can stretch crocs shoes. So it will be a disaster for your big shoes.

Besides, when you try to shrink in high heat from direct sunlight, there is no way to limit temperature. So, there is also a chance of overheating your shoes. You should avoid direct heating because that also can ruin your shoes.

How To Unshrink Crocs Shoes That Shrunk Too Much?

Crocs shoes can stretch due to high heat or if you wash them in the dishwasher. They can also stretch if you leave them in a hot car or surface. But don’t worry; you can easily fix shrunk shoes to unshrink them. To unshrink crocs shoes that shrunk too much follow the process.

Use hot water to wash the shrunk shoes for 1 minute. It will help to loosen the materials. So immediately wear the shoes after washing to re-mold them according to your feet. That helps to unshrink your shoes.

What If You Buy Too Small Crocs Shoes?

Crocs shoes can stretch a bit for wearing regularly. But if you buy too-small shoes, then you need to stretch them forcefully. The best way is to put your shoes in a boiling water pot and keep them for 1-2 minutes. That will help you to stretch out the shoes to make them bigger.

Do Crocs Stretch Out After Using?

Crocs shoes are manufactured with flexible materials that can easily stretch out. So yes, after wearing crocs repeatedly, there is a bit of a chance to stretch the shoes. 

So, you can buy tightly fitted crocs that will gradually snugly fit as they stretch out. It helps to wear them for a long time without any issues.

But crocs never stretch too much after wearing. A slight stretching happens for the comfortable and flexible materials. It is good to adjust shoes with your feet. If you want to forcefully stretch your shoes, you can put them in hot water. That will stretch your crocs shoes.

Do crocs shrink in the sun?

Yes, crocs shoes shrink in the sun. On hot summer days, when the sun heats intensely the shoes will shrink. 

Why Do Crocs Shrink In The Sun?

The crocs are made of Croslite. The croslite materials contain a flexible polymer that shrinks easily if it gets high heat. Sun produces a high amount of heat that causes crocs to shrink.

Final words

We hope now you get your answer on how to shrink crocs that are too big. Before turning out the post, a secret tip for you, don’t overheat your shoes or boil them for long hours. It will increase the chance of damaging expensive shoes.

Besides shrink crocs, we also discuss how to stretch shoes to make them bigger. So we hope this guide will help you to make your crocs comfortable and fitted. Before taking professional help, give it a try. Best of luck!

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